Sunday, May 6, 2012

PBKids Wicker Elephant Pedestal: The Look For Less (and I mean a lot less)

Wicker Elephant PedestalI saw this little wicker elephant in my last pbkids magazine.  I thought it was cute (though I really don't like this purple room).  Mr. Elephant is going for $199 for full price (now on sale for $159.99).  You can imagine my surprise--and slightly smug expression--when I saw an amazingly similar table at my local Antique mart....

Alternate View
PBKids room with wicker elephant pedestal.

What did I tell you? Almost exact, right!  Guess what?  He costs $35.

Pottery Barn Kids is a great place for ideas, but not for shopping.  I promise that if you keep your eyes open you will be amazed by what you can find and for so much less...and in a kid's room that is super important.  Anyone (local) interested in this awesome find, it is at Antiques At The Barn; I'll bet it is still there (and please excuse my over-use of parentheses in this post).

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