Thursday, January 30, 2014

Favorite Things and Pretty Pins

Ring | Noguchi Bijoux
Pinterest is one of my favorite escapes during the day.  I love pretty.  Pretty makes me feel better instantly.  I have been subbing 7th grade Science all week so pinterest is my drug of choice.  You know what I mean!  Here are a few of my favorite things this week!  I want the above ring so bad.  Even if I was in the market right now for a diamond ring, this one is, sadly, out of stock.  Boo!  Check out the rest of the images that have inspired me.
Marpessa Hennink in Vogue Paris
Gold cake
little fox
Neutrals + Jeans + Sparkle
A vintage Vanity Fair photograph from Svenska Möbler hangs over a bed with a silver duvet by Serena & Lily.
Little trench
chanel buttons
Locally Grown with Manhattan Restaurateur, Ali Cayne
that hair!
What do you think?  What do you mostly pin--I'm curious: home inspiration? fashion? recipes? quotes? 
How about all of it!  I'm a bit schizophrenic that way myself. 



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