Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspiration: Winter White

We are mid-way through winter yet the cold weather hasn't hit us here in the high desert.  I'm predicting a very cold spring.  That said, I am already bucking to decorate for the warm months but have to keep reminding myself that it is winter still.  The best compromise for me is to focus on creamy whites that are perfect in all weather.  In the winter it is all about creams with tons of texture for physical and visual warmth.  In my opinion there is nothing more smashingly beautiful in fashion or home design right now.
pearl cuff. love it. @Kate Mazur spade new york

This morning I am headed out to my son's awards assembly.  I can't wait to see what he gets!  I'm a proud mamma.  


  1. Winter white is so chic! I definitely need to wear it a bit more! Hope you enjoy the assembly!

  2. I love winter white. I was just saying this morning that if I didn't have young children and they were just a wee bit older, I would totally do an all white living room!



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