Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inspiration: White Winter Flower Arrangements

Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street
I'm a bit of a fanatic about having fresh flowers in my house.  They aren't very expensive; just bunches from the grocery store that I like to arrange at home.  During winter I especially crave flowers in my home for the obvious reason that it is so barren out of doors.  
Arrangement with Sweet Frangrances
Bountiful Carnations
Baby's Breath
flowers on mantle
I'm really inspired by the last image of bunches and bunches of white lilies in a simple glass container.  Perfect. 


  1. What gorgeous arrangements! I usually put a little posy of sunny spray roses in our living room, and I can see them through the living room window as I'm coming home–they always make me smile.

  2. Oh how pretty - I especially love that first arrangement! I don't know why I completely forget about having flowers in the house when the weather turns cold!

  3. I usually think of white arrangements for the spring and summer, but am loving the idea of a winter white arrangement. So pretty!




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