Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day: Planning

I think Valentine's day is fun but I'm not all about over-the-top romantic (expensive) tokens of love.  I mean, I would totally accept the diamonds but I think it should be about sweet gestures.  It really is more about my kids than my husband and myself these days.  We have an anniversary for all of that, after all.  I always do a big breakfast for them and there are a couple of extra goodies but I did find a few things that I might have to include this year.
Wooden Vase with Carved Initials | See the wedding on SMP - http://www.StyleMePretty.com/little-black-book-blog/2014/01/09/whimsical-pastel-coral-gables-country-club-wedding/ Laura Leslie Photography
I love this idea.  I know it is more commonly used for weddings but I think it would be cute on the mantel with fresh flowers.  One with my husband and my initials and another with the kids initials.  I'm thinking I could make these myself too.
Carved Hearts - Hand Stamped Spoon - Vintage Gift - 2012 Original forsuchatimedesigns - Valentine
There is an obvious theme this year:  I do love this spoon.  Maybe done as a coffee spoon set?
Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes
I am definitely making these cherry almond vanilla cupcakes this year!  Doesn't that sound amazing?
heart shaped macarons w/ raspberries
I think we might just need a few of these macaron sandwich cookies as well.  It looks like a healthy breakfast, I mean, it has berries in it.
Gold dipped milk bottles.
More pretty vases so I can buy myself more flowers to fill them.  That's right, Valentine's day is a great excuse to get more flowers.
Rifle Paper Co. - Heart Bandit Card
This is the perfect, cheeky and sweet card for my valentine.

I know it's early, but are you planning anything for your family or significant other for Valentine's day?


  1. Umm how good do those heart cupcakes look with fresh berries! YUM! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I've been thinking about getting John tickets to Giselle–a perfect romantic gift!

  3. I love those roses! I am excited. We are going out to dinner on the 15th and it's a great excuse to dress up...hallmark holiday or not!

  4. I love that adorable card. I just might have to make those cupcakes too. They look delicious.

  5. Love the raspberry macaroons




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