Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dollhouse as "Haunted House"

 Since I would like to have a pumpkin carving party at my house in a week I have a been a bit obsessed with decorating for Halloween but in a kid friendly way.  My daughter Gwenna has a dollhouse so why not use it for the decor...with a few little additions.
 My mom made an awesome "Happy Halloween" banner out of burlap for her house (I will post it soon) so I copied her with this mini rendition.  I just painted "Haunted House" free hand and hot glued the burlap flags to a bit of orange ribbon I had in a drawer.  I then bought some mini pumpkins and elevated them with amber votive holders on the terrace of the 'haunted house.'
 Now what if I served cupcakes using this dollhouse?  I could turn it the other way so the rooms face out and fill them up with the cupcakes.  It would probably hold around 30 of them. Wouldn't that be cute?

So easy and fun....even though my son reminds me daily that it isn't "scary."  I don't do scary...sorry  kiddo!


  1. Thanks Lizzie! I am now thinking that I need to use this idea for other things: Like my friend's daughter's first birthday party. It would make such a cute dessert display with tons of pink.

  2. It reminds me of when people decorate a tree for each season or holiday. I think that's such a great decorating idea! Keeps everything lively and festive!

  3. Exactly! It is amazing what can be done with things we already own just by looking at them in a little different light:)



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