Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Monday

Cold weather is supposed to be rolling in at any time now, and I have found some gorgeous coats for the little one in your life.

Monsoon Girls' Coats

For a very long time, Monsoon did not ship to the U.S.  Now they do.  It may be just another chain store in the U.K., but along with its sister store, Accessorize, it was one of the Cat's and my favorite stores to hop into.  It didn't matter where we were.  And it's because of coats like these; especially, you guessed it- that middle one.  I love the color orange, and I think bright pop of color like that is so fun for fall.

And just in case you want more choices, here are some more cute choices from one of our other favorites, Zara.
Girls Coats from Zara

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