Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Vintage and Vested


I have had this vest in my closet for years.  Years and years and years.  I love it, but could never quite find the right thing to pair it with.  It has a little bit of a steampunk feel to it, which I love, but which makes it hard to pair with tops.  I wore it before with a cream blouse; the top isn't hard to match up, but finding bottoms that work well with it too is a little tough.  
And then Rebecca called me up with a skirt that she had found at a local thrift store.  The skirts (she got a similar style for herself) came from Universal Studios (ahh, the perks of living near L.A.).  It's always fun to think about what movies or t.v. shows pieces like these came from.

All Photos by Kyungmoo Ryu
vest: Antonio Melani
blouse: da da da da da da da da, T.J. Maxx
skirt: vintage, thrifted
sunglasses: Tory Burch
bracelets: vintage/thrifted



  1. LOVING that outfit! I love earth tones, tweeds, plaids, wools, vests, kick pleats, tie-necks...you nailed them ALL! I guess I need to make a trip to TJ Maxx. Loving feminine, pretty blouses this year and if they have a bow, added bonus!

  2. Thanks, Lizzie! I love the more feminine details of the blouse, too, and wasn't that skirt a great find?!

  3. I love your ensemble. Very 70s chic, reminds me a little bit of Annie Hall!



  4. Yes, Lori. I am in LOVE with that skirt! Awesome find!

  5. Thanks, Nora. I agree about Annie Hall; it's the vest!



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