Monday, October 29, 2012

Film Inspiration: Love In the Afternoon

Of all the stylish Audrey Hepburn films out there, and there are some pips, my favorite is Love in the Afternoon--in terms of the fashion, not story.  I absolutely adore every outfit she wears in the picture.  All the clothes were designed by Givenchy.  Here are a few of my very favorites.

This dress has such a pretty floral print with a low-ish back that is gathered, a high neck- line (of course) and accentuated waist.  
The quintessential sleeveless boat-neck.  
Had I the chance to re-do my wedding, I would want to wear something like this dress Audrey wears to the opera.  Amazing.
This is my favorite because it is so timeless and simple.

How cute is this?  It is no wonder that she remains an icon.

Here she is on set but not dressed for the role. She looks just as perfect in her comfy clothes as she does in the costumes for the movie.  Who wouldn't want this sweater even today?
I have to add here that I realize Audrey Hepburn is loved and revered by almost everyone and that fact makes me want to run the other way.  'Why?' you ask:  Maybe it is the rebel in me.  That voice that says 'it isn't original to like what everyone likes.'  In this case, though, I silence that voice because the masses are right.  Good taste deserves to be preserved.


  1. As much as I have tried to be "trendy" over the years, I've never felt comfortable. I always go back to classic, albeit sometimes kicking and screaming. Besides, I always feel Audrey is "trendy" in her own right...and who DOESN'T want to be comfortable and look so at ease with themselves? knowing their look defies time??

  2. That is just it, Lizzie! Audrey was a risk taker during her time, but she had such a fixed idea of herself and how she wanted to look that she was able to (with the help of Givenchy) create what we know define as "classic." She also allowed her style to evolve over time. I think this is what makes her extraordinary.

  3. I agree! She'll always be one of my favorites!! Audrey, Lauren Bacall, Kate Hepburn:) My coworker told me today I remind her of Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada" in my outfit, and hey, I'll take that, too:)

  4. Me too! All of those women remained beautiful as they aged because of their strong character and personalities. Anne Hathaway?! Awesome. I'd take that too!

  5. Love Audrey Hepburn, so timelessly chic!





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