Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Spot Sunday: Polka Dot Pumpkins by Marcus Design

Lori happened to come across this blog Marcus Design pretty recently.  It is a really great design blog and Nancy Marcus does some cute DIY projects now and again.  I think these polka dotted mini pumpkins are super cute and slightly sophisticated at the same time.
 I also love the fact that Nancy teaches college part time (which, as many of you know, has been my goal as well).  I am really jealous of one thing though:  She is a Canadian and got to go see (and meet) Tommy Smythe recently.  I want to go!!!  

Here are the supplies you will need to paint your own fabulous little pumpkins this year.  Check out her site for more information and tips.  I know I will be doing this myself...but I think I will do stars.

Marcus Design really is a sweet spot and these pumpkins have the sweetest spots yet!


  1. Very cute, I just painted a white pumpkin with gold stripes the other day!

    Love your blog!


  2. That sounds adorable! It is so funny that yours has stripes because I just, minutes ago, told Lori that I am going to do a striped pumpkin myself! I would love to see yours:)

    Thank you very much, Nora

  3. so fun! I am looking forward to decorating some pumpkins with fun colors and spots like yours! Xo

  4. I am inspired by Marcus Design's polka dot pumpkins too. I am going to play off of them and do stars, I think! I would love to see yours when you are done!



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