Monday, October 15, 2012

Louboutin's Cinderella

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My little Gwenna just got her knew blu-ray of Cinderella in the mail from Amazon.  Of course I was just as excited to watch it.  There are quite a few extra bonus features on the blu-ray and one of them is a short film with famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin and his staff (played by the real people) and a sweet little story of the "real" Cinderella.  I wish that I could include this short here, but it seems to be protected and even YouTube doesn't have it.  I love it.  I watched it three times and cried every time.  It hits at the core of the "every girl" dream of that Cinderella moment.  Let's forget about the Prince and our feminist reaction for a moment and think about the desire to have beauty and dreams in our lives.  This little short film captures the essence of that desire.  I don't need a pair of Louboutins, (these in particular are not my style and have been designed with a younger woman in mind; though I can still appreciate their beauty) I don't need a Monet for that matter.  But I can love beautiful things from afar and what they represent to me:  Our humanistic desire to create or appreciate that which has been created.  
There have been 20 of these shoes made and they run between size 7 and 8 (big, step sister feet like mine need not apply).  To win a pair of these special creations you have to create a closest- to- Cinderella costume, take a picture and and upload it to Cinderella facebook page.
Good Luck!
If you haven't seen this charming short film, please do!

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