Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

What I loved best about Halloween as a kid was that I could be anything I wanted.  These two picked their own costumes and were SO excited to get them and wear them today!  Gwenna wanted to be a witch, but I definitely had a say in which version was eventually chosen (some of them are so tacky).  Britton was set on a Steelers football player costume because he has been obsessed with the sport for a few years now.  
Tonight should be a lot of fun for them.
Hope you have a very happy and fun Halloween!

Aren't Rebecca's kids SO cute?  I'll answer for you- they are.  Here's my little Cat.  I also happen to think she is awfully cute.

Today we had a Halloween party in my class, so I made these little treats for my kids...

I thought they turned out cute, and they were super easy to make.  Originally, I was going to make little jack-o-lantern faces, but they were kind of harder than I thought.  Do-able, but only with more time and the right tools.  So I made little ghosties instead.
What you need...
clear plastic cups
paint brush or wooden skewer
chocolate chips (any kind- semi-sweet, dark or milk chocolate)
orange sherbet
lemon lime soda

Melt the chocolate, use a skewer or paintbrush, and paint little faces on the inside of the plastic cups.  Let the chocolate set (at least a couple of hours).  These can be made ahead of time, as long as you store them somewhere safe.  When you're ready, add a couple scoops of the orange sherbet, and then the lemon-lime soda.  Done.  These are a tasty little twist on a favorite drink usually served at baby and bridal showers.
You can substitute the ice cream for other flavors.  You could do vanilla ice cream and root beer for floats.  You could do lime sherbet for little Frankenstein monsters.  So many possibilities!



  1. How cute!

    I feel sorry for the kids on the East Coast, Halloween has basically been postponed due to the recent hurricane.

  2. That is a good point! My nephews live in Connecticut and it's true that the weather has made things very difficult. I hope you all can find small ways of making today special, or perhaps (like you said) postponing it to another time. But mainly, we pray for safety. Thank you so much for that, Brooklyngal! How are things for you there?



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