Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration: Outdoor Entry Color Scheme

 I have a new door knocker!  What do you think?
I imagine that it will turn into Marley and haunt me.

I usually make an oak leaf wreath every fall, but I just don't have time this year.  I made this one in literally 10 minutes with a foam base and sheets of moss.  I added a drape of burlap I was done.  Simple and quick.  I'm thinking I need one more, though, for the other door since this is so simple.  
I scanned a picture from my House Beautiful magazine to show you my front entry inspiration.  Even though my door is more blue than purple the pops of green are perfect.  All I need now is a green glass pendant and (eventually) I will trade up for some really nice green urns.  Mine are fine and I love the color.  I especially love this because the inside of my house is decorated with a lot of greens and blues.  I think it is fun to have the outdoor entry announce, in bolder hues, what my friends and family can expect on the inside.  

 My pots are from Walmart.  $16 each.

Even my garden is done in a range of blues and of course, white.  I have one red mini-rose (do you see it?) thrown in...it came with us from our last home and I think it is kind of fun to have a rabble-rouser in there!

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