Friday, October 5, 2012

Freaky Find Friday: Catostrophe

On a wonderful weekend away in Solvang, I came across a store window that stopped me cold.  Well, because you can clearly see the pictures above and below these words I realize you are not holding your breath to know what I saw that made me stop so abruptly that I almost dropped my mango smoothie.  Proudly hung in this store window was a shirt.  A button down shirt of 100% silk ( those silk worms were robbed).  In the watery moonlit waves printed on this shirt drifts a boat with a house cat the size of a St. Bernard.  This mammoth felis catus seems to be napping after having tea with the "lady" to his left.  This lady is not from Shallot it seems but maybe a Siren right out of the Odyssey?  Maybe this scene is more in keeping with The Metamorphosis since the lady's hair is the same color as the cat's fur:  Is she in fact-- Cat Woman?  
The only conclusion I can realistically come to is that this sad, freakishly large, kitty has run away from home on a quest for the Isle of Misfits but a Siren from Anthemoessa has lured it--note the evil gleam in her eyes-- into letting her board with her tea which smells of cat nip and cream but is in fact...spiked!   Large kitty has been poisoned like Edmund with turkish delight in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Kitty will now turn into a manic and devour all the good little toys on the island.  Such a sad story.  Such an awful shirt.

 All I know for sure is that this shirt makes me really uncomfortable.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my....showing my co-workers and they had to stop looking at it. Really creepy!!

  2. Isn't it terrible?! That is why we came up with these Friday posts: there are so many horrible, yet entertaining, things out there when we are shopping or browsing the internet. Have a great weekend Lizzie!

    1. Have a great weekend, too! Keep up the fantastic posts!



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