Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration: Decorating for Halloween

When I decorate for Halloween it is usually pretty subdued.  I have just a few things that are strictly "Halloween" and the rest are fall inspired because things can get tacky pretty quickly this time of year.  There are a few ways to decorate for Halloween that I love: apothecary items and vintage Victorian as well as 40's war era paper crafts.  I'm not hosting a Halloween party this year (because I am planning a Christmas party) but I would love to have a gathering for pumpkin carving...what do you think about that dear friends???  Maybe some caramel apple cider, baked apples, cupcakes, roasted pumpkin seeds...I think it is turning into a party already.  But here is what I have done so far...
The "trick or treat" banner was purchased last year and is by Martha Steward.  The garland I picked up at Walmart for $2.50.  I think I need a few more for future parties.

You can see one of my old mystery books that I pull out this time of year.  I love the affect of books on a mantle.  Also, my milk glass works as well for Halloween as it does in the Summer.

I just bought a few bundles of alstroemeria in golds and oranges but I think they lend the perfect amount of color and texture.  They also stay fresh for a long time.
My mom painted the bird and pumpkin picture for me.  I love it so much.

As the temperatures drop, there is nothing I like better than my tea by the fire....soon!

All that is needed on the table is a row of brass candle sticks and flickering tappers.  They lend the perfect ambiance.

I also got these mice silhouettes by Martha Steward a few years back.  Talk about mileage!  
A little pumpkin container for my flowers in the entry is the perfect little accent for Halloween or Thanksgiving, right next to my favorite family portrait by my little 7 year old artist.  

I love these Halloween inspirations...

vintage halloween decor
This kind of decor is fun when you have little kids:  It is vintage so it isn't too scary.  Totally classic and evocative.  
love this for halloween. so elegant.
via turbotwister
I'm keeping my eye winkers peeled for a candleabra like this one!  It doesn't necessarily have to be for Halloween but it has the right feel especially with black taper candles.  Elegant.
Love this vintage-inspired Halloween table
via theoldpaintedcottage

via countryliving
These images are so cute.  Exactly what I would envision for an outdoor pumpkin carving party:  Rustic and festive.  And can I just tell you how much I love blues with orange!
A Halloween inspired topiary.
via bhg
I'm thinking I need to make this.  I even have the crows from my Halloween costume last year.

Here is another great DIY possibility via centralroost

I hope there is an image or two here that inspires you!  I would love to hear about it...we will post some of our own DIY's here soon!


  1. Love love love this time of year! I spent hours a couple of weeks ago in Joann Fabrics creating Halloween-themed baskets for an auction we were having at work. What a bonus....spending time with all that glorious decor and on company-time to boot! Love how crows/ravens are incorporated into decorations this year. Love these photos and decor options!!!

  2. Isn't Joann's dangerous?! Especially when we are on a creative high for the season. If I were you I would always volunteer for assignments like that at work too! How fun. SO glad you liked my post:)




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