Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweet Spot Sunday: Daisy's World

I know the weather is getting colder (when that first windy, cold day hit us here in the desert, I was quietly cursing all of my friends who had said they longed for the weather to change).  I know that summer is officially over.  I know that popsicles are a summertime treat.  But.  I had to share these recipes for "boozy ice pops" from the fabulous food blog, Daisy's World.  Initially the recipe that I was drooling over looking at was for these salted caramels.

Sea Salt Caramels from Daisy's World are definitely on my to do list!

Don't those look gorgeous?  I wish I could put my hand through my computer screen and just nab a couple.  Or a few.  Or all of them.

So I definitely want to make those, which would be good for the whole family, but how about something that is just for the grown ups?  Enter the boozy ice pop, in a few fantastic flavors.

There's the Bellini.
I have been on a champagne kick lately, so  OH MY!
Recipe here.

She's got beautiful pictures for all of her recipes, and for the pops she has other flavors:

~ Piña colada

~ Strawberry Margarita

~ Midori Sour

I urge you to go check this blog out; it is a good read, and there are lots of tasty looking recipes.  I don't care that it is getting colder, either; those bellini pops are on my short list of things to make!

Happy Sunday; hope it's sweet!



  1. I love boozy ice pops! Sometimes I also make boozy granita which is also a always hit! Xo

  2. Ooh, I make that too! So easy and delicious!

  3. Hi Rebecca and Lori,

    Thank you very much for your very kind words about my blog and some of my recipes. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's wonderful!




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