Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Find Friday

It's Friday (hooray!) and that means it's time for another round of Freaky Finds!  Today's freaky finds are brought to you by the letter C, as in CREEPY!

First up is a lovely little find I made awhile back at one of our favorite local antique stores, The Barn.

This is not one piece for sale; they are two random items that someone thought would look better coupled together.  The mannequin head sports a very nice, long mustache/beard combination, which you can just make out behind the edge of the "Teddy Bears Ride Free" box.  Now, I am not sure what the exact message here is, what with putting a mustached head into a box that proclaims there are "free rides" available... Interesting.

Next up is a beauty of a doll, found on etsy.  This giant Chalkware Kewpie doll has been restored to its former painted, clothed, hair-done glory, minus the eyes, which apparently are original to the doll.  

available at flapper dashery

Can you imagine being surrounded by all those dolls?  Like I said, the store owner restored the doll except for the eyes, which are original.  Do me a favor, okay?  Don't stare for too long into the doll's eyes.  I am not sure what will happen to you.  I think maybe this Kewpie is staring into the open pits of hell, and devising a plan to drag you there.  But that's just what I think, and I could be wrong.

Okay... So here she is, in all her, um, glory.  What's up with the weird rash on her hands, tummy, knees and toes?  Looking in the background, all those kewpies seem to have red knees.  It's a little odd, I'm just saying...

Here's another head for you...
Custom order yours today from Whack
This is actually maybe a little more funny than freaky.  This etsy company, Whack, will custom make you a pinata head from a photo you send them.  Hate your boss?  Bash their head in!  Your child is having a party?  Why not have a pinata created in their likeness and then invite their friends to beat it to a pulp and collect the candy that drops from the wreckage?
The creators of the pinatas are a husband and wife team located in Southern California.  As far as pinatas go, they have some pretty cute ones.


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