Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Outfit Photo Shoot

Even though the temperatures here in the desert are still reaching into the 90s, both Rebecca and I have been anxiously awaiting fall. Is it the cooler temperatures? The fall holidays? The mounds of baked goods and hearty dinners that we all seem to flock to this time of year? Of course not. It's the clothes. (Well, the baked goods and hearty dinners are welcome, too.)

For this post welcoming fall, we thought we'd share some pieces that have fall written all over them.  The colors, the materials, the cuts... I'm telling you, if clothes could talk, these would scream "FALL!"  And then I would scream, "Who said that?!  Who's there?"  It would actually be pretty frightening, and potentially embarrassing, if clothes could talk.


My outfit consists of a plaid skirt, printed blouse, and navy blazer.  Rebecca found the skirt at a thrift store with the Universal Studios tag still stuck inside.  What does that mean, you may be asking?  Well, both of the skirts featured in these pics came from a movie or television show that was shot at Universal Studios.  That's one of the perks of living near L.A.- you periodically come across cool pieces that began or spent part of their lives at a movie studio.  I think it's fun, especially when you know what movie or t.v. show the piece is from.  These skirts' original show is a mystery.  Any ideas?

I love this shot, because it shows how vibrant the orange is in the blouse, and how nicely it pairs with the navy of the jacket.

blouse: T.J. Maxx
skirt: thrifted
jacket: Forever 21
shoes: Sofft
jewelry: vintage/thrifted

I love this look that Rebecca is wearing.  I love that she mixed large scale polka dots with a plaid skirt; it is unexpected and fun.  I want that sweater, by the way.  I love it.   Don't tell Rebecca, but I may sneak into her closet and "borrow" it!

(Or I guess I could try to find my own.  I would wear the hell out of it this fall.  It is such a versatile piece that I know I would find tons of ways to wear it!)

skirt: thrifted
sweater: old navy
belt: ?
shoes: clarks
jewelry: sapphari
sunglasses: kenneth cole
nail polish: essie hot cocoa
jacket: Banana Republic

Love both of these shots (the one above and the one directly below).  They show off that great juxtaposition of the plaid and the polka dots, and you can see the fabulous nail polish color Rebecca is sporting.  That is perfection for fall!

Love this pic with her classic trench from Banana Republic!  You can never go wrong with a piece like this; it is perfect for fall and spring.

This is my very favorite picture of the two of us!  A total candid moment.  Wish I could remember what was so funny...R
all photos by Kyungmoo Ryu

Happy Fall!


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