Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids' Favorite Things: A Visual Diary

Kids go through so many different phases: they outgrow one thing they used to love and move on to another. I think it will be meaningful one day to look back at the collection of things that represent what they were doing and what they liked at different times in their lives.  The shoes they wore, the backpack they carried to school,  favorite toys and movies, hobbies and interests.  It is so easy to do this!  It becomes a visual diary.
I wish that I had done it more often than I have.  I just forgot about it.  I don't want to let these precious memories slip by...

Here is one of the pictures I did of Britton's favorite things 3 years ago.  I am looking at that toy rhinoceros and remembering how he used to pronounce the work "os-crus."  It is fun to see what things he still loves (his bear fophetta that he still sleeps with) and what things are now just sweet memories.

Fophetta bear is a bit tattered and he is joined by Bucketoe Bunny.  Long gone are the zoo animals and catching truck, guitar and sword.  They are replaced with his Celtics basketball, movie script notebook, football stats and light saber.  

I hope that you can use this idea or some version of it!  I think it is such a nice way to make those memories last.

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