Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Inspiration: Rober Doisneau

How about some beautiful images from famed French photographer Robert Doisneau for your Saturday?

Champs De Mars Gardens
image via Zillion Arts
Don't you just love this picture?!  There is so much joy in it.

Le Baiser  or   The Kiss
image via Zillion Arts
This photo became an "internationally recognised symbol of young love in Paris" (zillion arts).
This photo was actually staged; Doisneau witnessed the couple kissing and then asked them to
recreate the kiss for his camera.  Even staged, it is gorgeous.

Children in the Palais Royal Garden
image via

This is one of my favorite portraits- Les Pains de Picasso
French bread fingers?  I would have slowly nibbled on them throughout the shoot.
image via Leftyheart

Happy Saturday!



  1. I love anything French! My cubie at work is decorated to enable perfect Parisian daydreams when I need a little brain break:)



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